World Hunger Relief Farm

Joining a CSA:   Fresh Veggies, Eggs and Meat from World Hunger Relief Inc.

“Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) shares make farm-fresh produce, meat and eggs available through a subscription.  No shopping required – you simply pick up your box of produce and enjoy what the farm has to offer through the growing season.  World Hunger Relief offers several types of CSA shares, and this field trip will introduce to each type so that you can decide if a CSA share would fit your lifestyle.

This field trip will include:

  • Overview of the farm’s CSA products by Patrick Lilliard, Chief Operating Officer.
  • Displayed examples of each type of CSA share, so that you can see ahead of time how much and what kinds of food come in each share.
  • Introduction to the farm’s “Veggie Prescription Program”, highlighting how your  CSA subscription supports the farm’s efforts to bring fresh, healthy food to patients at Waco Family Health Clinics.
  • A tasting of small plates prepared using farm produce.
  • Optional:  Walking tour of the farm, with a chance to see vegetables growing and livestock grazing.