Homestead Heritage Farm Tour

A guided tour of Homestead Heritage’s working farm, plus a gourmet lunch made from Homestead beef, chicken and lamb with locally-sourced veggies.  The tour includes a seminar on the benefits of grass-fed beef and pasture raised chickens and lamb.  You’ll also learn about sustainable farming methods used by the Homestead Heritage community and visit the market where you can buy locally sourced meat, dairy and vegetables.

This field trip will include:

  • Introduction to the principles guiding Homestead Heritage’s farming techniques by sustainable agriculture expert Butch Tindell.
  • A seminar on the farming methods used at Homestead Heritage by Farm Manager Brian Brandstadt and former Polyface Farms intern Grady Phelan
  • Walking tour of the working farm, including a chance to see sustainable poultry and cattle grazing operations.
  • Gourmet lunch of locally-sourced kebabs and vegetables grilled on-site.
  • Trip to the Homestead Heritage Market to learn where to buy meat and vegetables grown by Homestead Heritage and other local farmers.