Grow Your Groceries!

Beginner Vegetable Gardening Seminar at Bonnie’s Greenhouse

On this field trip you will learn to grow your groceries, more specifically the ingredients to make your own salsa.  Sandra Killough of Bonnie’s Greenhouse will demonstrate container vegetable gardens, providing examples of how to build and maintain several types of small gardens.  Magnolia Garden Manager Megan Sims will demonstrate how to make compost tea, the key to healthy, vibrant vegetable gardens.  After the seminar, Sandra and Megan will help participants select containers and plants (available for purchase at Bonnie’s) based on each participant’s gardening capacity and interest.

This field trip will include:

  • A seminar by Sandra Killough on container vegetable gardens and by Megan Sims on compost tea.
  • An overview of of where to buy the best compost, soil, containers, seeds and plants in the Waco area.
  • Access to several types of container gardens in use at Bonnie’s Greenhouse.
  • A handout detailing when to plant your vegetables.
  • Personalized instruction and shopping assistance from Sandra and Megan following the seminar.
  • Optional:  Following the seminar we will travel to a nearby backyard garden to meet one of Waco’s most knowledgeable vegetable gardeners.