Farm Bound Store

Farm Bound now sells supplies that make locally-sourced food more accessible to you!  These tools are available for pick-up in Waco, TX, which will be arranged via email following purchase.  If you wish to pay via credit card or cash instead of the PayPal links below, please use our contact page.

Worm Casting Compost (Vermicompost)

This compost begins with organic coconut coir (shredded coconut husks), shredded newspaper, and kitchen scraps such as vegetable peels and eggshells from an organic kitchen, processed by thousands of red worms into nutrient-dense food for your garden.  The compost also includes worm eggs, which will hatch into composting worms right in your garden!  This compost also makes excellent compost tea. In the picture below you can see the original coconut coir compared with the final dark, rich compost.

Worm Casting Compost

One quart of fresh worm compost made from coconut coir, newspaper, vegetable scraps and eggshells. This amount can be used to make up to 10 gallons of compost tea or fertilize up to 20 vegetable or herb plants (3 tablespoons per plant).


Worm Casting Compost in reusable container

One quart of worm casting compost in a reusable Mason jar. Return the jar and receive a $2 refund, or refill the jar at a discounted rate of $6.50 for a quart of compost.


Compost Tea Making Kit

Make your garden grow using homemade compost tea!  Compost tea is a rich source of nutrients for your garden, and increases the micro biotic activity in your soil.  This kit includes all the tools you need to create compost tea at home, plus detailed instructions on how to set up and brew your tea.  The kit also includes micro biotic-active compost to get you started!

Compost Tea Kit

The kit includes 2 food grade five-gallon buckets, 1 aquarium air pump, 1 aquarium bubble stone, plastic tubing, a pillow case for straining, and a spray bottle, plus detailed instructions on how to set up your compost tea system. The kit also includes enough active compost for one batch of tea.