What is it?

Farm Bound facilitates a connection between Central Texans and locally-grown food.  Megan Sims, currently a garden manager at Magnolia, started Farm Bound as a way to encourage Central Texans to incorporate fresh, healthy food into their diets, while supporting small farms in the Waco area.  To do that, Farm Bound initiates opportunities for local food producers to meet with interested customers and explain their product.  Farm Bound also offers short training seminars on growing and preparing vegetables.

Farm Bound offers once a month opportunities to tour local food sources such as farms, restaurants and gardens and offer seminars on growing your own food.  The field trips will provide hands on experience with finding, buying and using locally grown food, and will be led by local farmers, gardeners and experts.   The field trips will take participants beyond the farmers’ market, providing opportunities to get to know the people producing the food, learn the benefits of eating local food grown by conscientious farmers and delve into growing your own food in your backyard.

Why call it Farm Bound?

The name derives from Megan’s belief that “eating is an agricultural act” (to quote Wendell Berry) and that we are all bound, whether we realize it or not, to the farmers who grow the food we eat.  We are bound because our choices at the supermarket determine the demand upon farmers, and because we rely on farmers to use sound farming practices to create healthy food and sustain the environment.  Farm Bound seeks to bring the producers and consumers into conversation with one another.   By traveling to local farms and food providers participants will be “farm bound” physically, but also farm bound as they delve into their relationship with the people and places providing access to local food.

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